My Amazing Trip to the Philippines

I took a leave to visit the Philippines for a couple of weeks and gosh I love the place. It’s a paradise. Perfect beaches, friendly locals, beautiful nature, and it’s a cheap country to travel to. We spent 4 weeks in the Philippines and my gosh… The place blew my mind. I wanted to stick to the common South East Asian route of “Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia” but I’m glad I didn’t stick to that and I’m here to tell you why. Shopping You’ll be surprised at how big the shopping malls are and how many people go there. They say that many Filipinos go there for the air conditioning and it actually makes sense because the Philippines is a tropical country. Tip: It’s better to get a taxi or a GrabCar going to the malls. Driving in the country can be really stressful because the motorists are crazy. If you plan to stay longer and it can’t be helped for you to drive, I found this useful website that provides free LTO exam reviewer, driver training and education resource. If you plan to drive in the Philippines make sure you can check out their article about foreign driver’s license. Friendly & Hospitable

How to choose the right name for your baby?

Picking a baby’s name isn’t a simple assignment, especially since you would like to seek the best name. Although other people pick baby’s name in advance, some prefer to wait for their baby to come out before deciding what name to give. In either case, an important amount of research and time will be necessary as this will provide you with the extra number of alternatives that you can select. This might seem like an intimidating job; still you can search ways to zest and enjoy these stages. You can make it a day to day habit to feel up together and go through a short list of baby manes and prioritize the one you select. This will ensure that you can go using several names without getting discouraged and feel beaten. Many individuals detect is easy to give name to a single girl or boy, but if the babies are twins, selecting a name might be harder. You can check out other famous names that are doing the kudos or you might want to name the after an important person to your life. Juts the same, you may require to perform various thinking and searching for name that is

Using sign language and music to communicate with your newborn

Playing in his crib at 10 months old, Ezekiel calmly got his mother’s attention and signed “more music.” Realizing only then that the mobile had stopped, his mom wound it up again and Ezekiel continued playing happily. A hearing child in a hearing family, he has been exposed to sign language since birth. Not only was he able to express his needs clearly without tears of frustration, he also used a two “word” phrase. This level of language is rarely present until 18 months, or more typically at two years. Music mediated sign language instruction has several central purposes. The first is to guide a child, deaf or hearing, in developing fluent language skills while promoting effective communication. The second is to support the development of language as a tool for literacy attainment. Third, it will create an effective and rewarding vehicle for self-expression and self-esteem. The fourth purpose or objective is to facilitate social interaction and age appropriate play. Additional benefits include more rhythmic speech; growth in balance, spatial reasoning and motor skills; increased IQ, auditory and perceptual awareness, attention span, memory recall, and vocabulary and improved family relationship. The first three years are the most critical years for

4 common baby gifts that moms should avoid

When it comes to baby gifts, there are a lot of options to choose from. Some are excellent gift ideas to welcome your children’s arrival. But then, there are regular gifts that moms sprains. In order to avoid accidents, parents should check the product’s safety. Make sure to check the labels and materials being used. Actually, there are 4 things that should be avoided in choosing gifts. Regardless of designs and prices, the child’s sake is still the important one. 1.Stuff Animals – as we all know, kids are playful and naughty. Thus if you purchase stuffs, they will tend to sit around and gather dust. Besides, babies might be afraid the first time they saw it. Instead of choosing stuff animals, why not choose rattles? 2.First Aid Kits – there are things that are geared for adults and not for kids. Good examples of these are first aid kits. It is ok to purchase such items as long as you have the right place for it. The problem is that moms often called the pediatrician every time the baby is not feeling well. And when the time comes, the drugs are out of date. In buying baby gifts, you

3 Stroller safety tips you can’t ignore

If you are a new parent, then getting out of the house may have become a challenge for you. Not only do you have to get yourself ready to go, but you have to get your child ready as well – which often means packing a small suitcase in a sleep deprived state. Often, the easiest solution is to take a stroller – not only will these devices hold your precious cargo safely, but they can also take along all the spare diapers, wipes, bottles, and other accessories that you need for a trip out. Unfortunately, an improperly used stroller can be dangerous for you or your child. So before you buckle up and roll out, here are three things that you must consider. Have a stroller that fits the situation One of the biggest mistakes that parents make is purchasing the wrong type of stroller for their needs. Instead of purchasing a stroller strictly for its looks, you will want to consider the types of activities you will need it for. Are you planning on putting your newborn in a stroller right away, or will you be using a sling or other carrier until the baby is a little

How to find your perfect newborn stroller

If you are adding a new baby to your family you might be in the market for a new stroller. If this is your first baby, or if it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for newborn accessories, the number of options out there can get confusing. Here is a step-by-step guide to picking out the perfect stroller. Step One: Determine the use One of the first things that you will need to decide on will be the uses you will have for your newborn stroller. If you are an active family and want to go jogging or hiking soon after your little one arrives, you will need a much different stroller than a family that plans on walking laps around the mall or just using the stroller for occasional trips to the park. Step Two: Determine a price range Purchasing a newborn stroller is a lot like purchasing a new car , you have your clunkers and your Cadillacs. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help narrow your search. However, you need to consider more than just the bottom line. Some strollers may cost more upfront but are more economical in the long run. Travel systems, for