My Amazing Trip to the Philippines

I took a leave to visit the Philippines for a couple of weeks and gosh I love the place. It’s a paradise. Perfect beaches, friendly locals, beautiful nature, and it’s a cheap country to travel to.

We spent 4 weeks in the Philippines and my gosh… The place blew my mind.

I wanted to stick to the common South East Asian route of “Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia” but I’m glad I didn’t stick to that and I’m here to tell you why.


You’ll be surprised at how big the shopping malls are and how many people go there. They say that many Filipinos go there for the air conditioning and it actually makes sense because the Philippines is a tropical country.

Tip: It’s better to get a taxi or a GrabCar going to the malls. Driving in the country can be really stressful because the motorists are crazy.

If you plan to stay longer and it can’t be helped for you to drive, I found this useful website that provides free LTO exam reviewer, driver training and education resource. If you plan to drive in the Philippines make sure you can check out their article about foreign driver’s license.

Friendly & Hospitable People

Amongst all the asian countries I have visited, Filipinos are the most hospitable, warm, and kind. They always seem happy and smiling, and they love to sing and dance whenever there’s a reason to do so.

Getting in touch with locals and making friends is a lot easier than in other countries. Plus the fact that English is their 2nd language made it a lot easier for me to connect with them.


Paradise Beaches & Islands


The countries beaches and islands are a sight to behold. It’s so amazing! I haven’t seen anything close to their beaches especially in Palawan.

The white sands of Boracay as it’s rated as one ot the top 10 beaches in the world today but it doesn’t beat the beauty of Palawan.


The Food

Filipino cuisine is a must try. It’s a mixture of Chinese, Spanish, American, and Malaysian cuisine. Filipinos are real foodies and this is very evident by how many times they eat in a day — 5 times on average.

Check out my top 5 must try food:

  1. Adobo – a dish with either chicken or pork cooked with soy sauce or vinegar.
  2. Halo-Halo – one of the more famous dessert consisting of crushed ice, milk, mixture of fruits and sweet beans, and ice cream.
  3. Chicken Inasal – a famous local chicken barbecue.
  4. Sinigang – it’s like their version of Tom Yum soup of Thailand. It’s got a tamarind based sour soup mixed together with vegetables and your choice of red or white meat.
  5. Balut – not for the faint of heart. It a boiled duck egg with the embryo still inside.