This blog is a showcase of all things me. I write, I vlog on occasion, I read, I try to be a good dad…I do lots of stuff. This isn’t really a daddy blog so much as a blog authored by a dad… it’s primarily about my writing, but there is plenty that’s all about dad type stuff and parenting as well.

On this blog, you will find several types of posts, many are writing and reading related. Others consist of thoughts on family, raising kids, how to improve yourself… from the perspective of a dad. (It’s basically about all the things that normally terrifies men from the age of birth to somewhere around 50.)

For you men, I will try to take the edge off of parenting and help you break gender barriers. (There will be plenty to laugh at…)

For you women, I may break a few rules and let you in on some of the inner workings of the male mind! (Those will be short posts, but good information…) You will get your props also. You ladies do a great job and should be celebrated.